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Incorporating More Whole Foods Into Your Diet

And no, I’m not talking about the grocery store. So what exactly is considered a whole food? A whole food is a food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.

Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes

Now that the first mid term break is behind us, you might be running out of ideas for the school lunch boxes. Kids need a nutritious lunch box but finding inspiration and healthy ingredients to ring the changes can be a challenge.

Athletes – How To Take Performance to The Next Level

Athletes are constantly scanning for ways to go beyond our limits. To go faster, further and stronger, yet often the ways we go about doing this are not sustainable. People have tried many illegal methods to push the boundaries of human performance, yet there is a legal, natural way to enhance performance so drastically, that it amazes me more people aren’t doing it.

The Soy Myth Crushed And The Truth Exposed

I used to wake up in the middle of the night sweating, wondering who really enjoys Tofu. To me, it’s unreal and tastes like garbage but the nasty junk sells. But to you, it may be much more.

27 Foods You Should Eat Organic

In this article I will give you 27 different foods which you should aim to eat organically as these foods are worst affected by pesticides. Today I will look at the foods with the highest pesticide residue and other toxic chemicals. These 27 foods have been picked due to the large amounts of harmful pesticides and other toxins which have been found on or in them.

Methods to Use Coconut Butter

Because of different rewards of coco butter its global popularity has substantially accelerated in recent times. Without a doubt, the quantity of rewards offered by the coconut is striking. A lot of scientific studies demonstrate that it can help enhance body’s defense mechanisms as well as boost level of energy.

A Little Sugar Can’t Be All That Bad, Right?

Sugar, as we know it, is not sugar; and sadly, it is complicating our health beyond belief. While it is not recommended for diabetics or those facing dental problems, it is just as much of a problem for everyone else.

Nutrition Alone Won’t Heal Your Anxiety And Panic Attacks But It Will Get You Started

Can nutrition really make a difference in changing high levels of chronic anxiety? I’ll share with you some of my experiences, what worked and what didn’t during my 6 year struggle with GAD and panic attacks.

Food and Appearance

We often do not realize how important the food is and how much depends on what we eat. However, changing approach to this aspect of our lives can really solve so many problems.

Why You Should Work Honey Into Your Meal Plan

When exploring healthy food options, it is always best to look for natural and not chemically manufactured foods. Often these foods have been with us for centuries, because even though people in the ancient world might not have fully understood why certain foods helped their health, they understood the results. Today we seem to have forgotten much of the health benefits of these natural foods, and it is a reason to try to include, in moderation foods such as natural honey.

Facts About Fructose in the Fruit We Eat

It is known that fructose, that sugar found in fruit has an effect on the uric acid in our bloodstream. Excessive fructose elevates uric acid, and that is considered a marker for fructose toxicity. Elevated levels of uric acid are known to cause high blood pressure in many people, which can lead to damaged kidneys and in time heart attack and strokes.

Get Your Flu Shot Here

Free flu shots seem to mean getting sick. So what is a person to do? While alternative remedies help with boosting the immune system, it is time to prevent the flu with better digestion.

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