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Problems With Juice Detox

Those people that are thinking about a juice detox will want to learn about the negative effects before they make any decisions. There are some problems that could develop. Therefore, a great deal of research should be carried out first or the person should speak with their health care provider before they decide if they want to do this or not.

Probiotics – Are Probiotics More Harmful Then Good For Your Body?

Find out all you need to know about Probiotics. Learn what they are, the upside & downside, & whether you should include Probiotics in your diet.

Improving Memory Function and Focus With Nutrition

Have you ever noticed the “foggy” distracted feeling you get not long after eating a giant ice cream sundae or drinking a couple of cans of soda? This is one of the most common examples of how your diet is intricately linked with your brain function, including your ability to focus, concentrate and have a sharp memory.

What To Do When You Have Food Cravings

If you aren’t properly prepared when confronted with a food craving moment, you have the potential to ruin your plan. Have you ever been in a situation such as this? You go into the kitchen for a light snack and end up eating half a bag of potato chips or a half gallon of ice cream. These are the types of snacking binges that completely wreck havoc on a healthy life transition and could potentially be the reason for abandoning your efforts altogether.

Do Nutritional Supplements Work? Some Surprising Facts

Some harmful and false rumors are being spread about nutritional supplements under the guise of science. A holistic doctor debunks these rumors and provides guidance on making nutritional supplements work for you.

Just Released – The Answer to Micronutrient Deficiencies Is To Eat Bugs!

As scientists continue to uncover the significance of micronutrients in our diet, the recommended daily amount of plant based nutritional requirements has been increasing accordingly. Bugs can be a nutritious alternative if you can overcome the “ick” factor.

Restoring Your Health Through Mindful Eating

Now that the holidays and their distractions are behind you, have you begun thinking about how to restore or maintain your healthy eating habits and overall wellness? The holiday season can be stressful and cause you to order your priorities poorly. Instead of keeping health and wellness at the top of your list, did it fall to the bottom while you planned parties and shopped for gifts?

4 Nutrition and Fitness Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

When it comes to nutrition and fitness our common knowledge is always changing! Keep these four facts or fitness/nutrition tidbits in mind next time you are choosing a nutrition or fitness program!

Acidic Foods – Why To Stay Away From Most Acidic Foods

What are the negative effects of acidic foods? Learn examples of high-acid foods and why it’s important to stick to an alkaline diet.

How to Control Kidney Stones With Exercise, Diet

If you have ever had the misfortune of passing a kidney stone as I have, you will probably want to take every preventive measure you can to avoid a recurrence. They form when chemicals in the urine crystallize into a stone that seems as hard as a diamond. The crystal-forming substance is uric acid and calcium, and the fluid in your system normally can dilute it.

Better Health For Better Sex!

There are a number of factors affecting our overall health. What we eat and how we live directly impact our health. Each of us has different nutritional requirements for good health. An individualized supplement program can help us attain the best health we can, and position us for better sex.

What Do Scientists/Nutritionists Say About Fish Oil As a Supplement?

Have you been considering whether to supplement your diet with fish oil? Learn the surprising benefits of nutritional supplementation with fish oil, including helping you to reduce your appetite, improve your mood and help reduce the effects of insulin resistance. This article shows some of the latest scientific research as featured on PubMed.

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