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Low-Fat and Fat-Free Are Just Plain Wrong

A client recently confided, “I can’t stop thinking about food. I only keep healthy foods in my house, nothing with sugar, but I find myself running out to lunch for cheeseburgers and french fries.” Hmmmm. Something didn’t add up.

Natural Food As The Best Source for Vitamins and Nutrition

The way that the body works is complex, but one thing should be understood when you are seeking to enjoy optimal nutrition – it is best to get all that you need from your food. Though the modern world seems to favor instant remedies and lots of over the counter health solutions, it is not that wise to rely on pills to give you nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

End Your Suffering By Taking A Food Intolerance Test

At first thought, it might not seem that people who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic bouts of nausea, anxiety, eczema, or gastrointestinal issues would share anything in common. However, for some, any or all of these complaints could be symptoms of undiscovered food intolerance.

Educating Children About Their Bodies

Many young people tend to have body image issues, this has been apparent for decades, however recent years have seen an increase in said issues and are more apparent in teenage girls…

Laying the Foundation of Natural Health Through Dieting

If you’ve been trying a bunch of fad diets that promise weight loss in hours, it’s time for a reality check. Making use of dieting to help you reach natural health should be the ultimate goal.

Plant Based Diets – The Secret to Great Health

Eating more plants is the only nutritional protocol known to man to prevent and even reverse the chronic illnesses that ravage our society. Plants and vegetables are full of macro and micronutrients that provide our bodies with everything we need for a healthy and vibrant life. By eating at least two meals packed with veggies every day, and snacking on fruits and veggies in between, the quality of your health and ultimately your life will drastically improve. The most common health concerns that people have can be alleviated by this one simple step. Things like obesity, poor sleep, bad skin, accelerated aging, inflammation, physical pain, and lack of energy can all be positively affected by increasing the intake of plants and natural foods.

Eat Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

This tells about foods that help to prevent cancer. It is much easier to prevent cancer than to cure cancer. These foods are also good for cardiovascular health.

Usana Mega Antioxidant Review

Usana is now one of the leading manufacturers for high quality health and nutritional products, due to their rigorous product testing and their desire to create the best products. If you don’t already know, Usana works on a multi level marketing model, which means they market through word of mouth. Buying Usana products such as the Mega Antioxidant Vitamins, is best done through a representative or online, rarely can you find any Usana products in a store.

Who Should Eat Gluten Free?

We all have heard of the gluten free diet, but who should actually be prescribing to that diet. The people that should eat this way are people with celiac disease or have gluten or wheat allergies (among a few more). Healthy individuals can actually be doing themselves harm eating an exclusively gluten free diet!

5 Low Fat Alternatives to Butter and Margarine

There are plenty of delicious and low fat alternatives to butter and margarine that many people don’t even consider. Read on for a look at five delicious low fat alternatives to butter and margarine.

Carbs – The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

If you want to lose weight, you better cut out all carbs – according to many diets and celebrities. Eliminating such a big group of foods seemed excessive to me so I decided to do some research.

Fish Oil For Dogs: The Benefits and Proper Dosage

Fish oil is not just good for dogs – it’s great for them! In fact, most canine nutritionists would agree that supplementing with fish oil containing the proper amounts of EPA/DHA is probably the single most beneficial natural supplement you can provide man’s best friend. So why aren’t your giving your dog the same health boost you provide yourself?

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