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The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Too much sugar and too much processed foods are just two factors that are being blamed for throwing the diets of people everywhere, and especially the Western World, to causing an increase in chronic diseases. It can be argued that we live longer than any society in history, but much of that has to do with other factors other than diet.

Sweeteners Are Confusing: Choose Natural, Safe Options

Don’t know what sweetener to choose? Try these all natural, healthy options.

Is Sugar Your Go-To Stress Reliever? Change the Pattern and Your Brain Chemistry!

Stress can be an appetite trigger. Increased intake of food, especially junk, is a common stress reaction, but can be controlled. Read on to find out how.

9 Real Superfoods: Eat Foods That Help You Flourish

We know that some foods are healthier for us than others. The right food makes us healthier, happier, and full of energy. Real superfoods are filled with the most important nutrients we need to thrive. Here are 9 true superfoods. Try them today!

Treating Insomnia With A Well-Balanced Diet

Millions of people suffer from insomnia. Incorporating healthy eating habits can be a great way to help combat insomnia naturally.

The Confusion About Carbs

There is a lot of confusion whether carbohydrates are good or bad. This article takes a closer look at misconceptions and reality.

Kids Make Great Cooking Assistants

For many years, kids were used as cooking assistants in kitchens and homes around the world, many still are in lots of different countries. Some people may think this is something to be avoided, to those people I ask the question, why? Cooking and eating is something we do every single day, so why is it the parents are stuck in the kitchen with the cooking and cleaning while the kids ferment in front of the TV?

Don’t Take This Vitamin: A Load of Hogwash

Confused over vitamins? There is lots out there to say ‘take them’ or ‘don’t take them’. This article will help you make your own mind up whether it is good for your or not.

Start Here: 1 Tip for Health

Before you start doing anything else for health, start paying attention. The more you pay attention and care the easier change comes.

Study Linking Omega 3 Supplements and Prostate Cancer Discredited

One of the ongoing debates surrounding dietary supplements is whether they’re truly good for you or not. It is true, that many supplements do not have medical evidence supporting any actual wellness benefits.

Stop Counting Calories

Food should be about pleasure and nourishment, not math. Have a healthier relationship with food by focusing on the quality of your calories and not the quantity.

How Does Food Synergy Give You More Energy?

Learn how food synergy can improve your nutrition. Six easy suggestions will get you started on eating healthier using food combining. Certain foods boost each other to become more bio available when eaten at the same meal but don’t worry, these combinations are tasty as well as healthy. Discover how easy it is to find combinations that you enjoy.

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